Vasaras skola Roterdamā

iektā starptautiskā vasaras skola Roterdamā no 15.—27.augustam. Pieteikšanās līdz 15.jūnijam.

Tēma – Rotterdam Open City tematiskā saistībā ar Roterdamas Arhitektūras biennāli Open City – Designing Coexistence, kas norisināsies no 2009.gada 24.septembra līdz 2010.gada 10.janvārim. Vasaras skolā izstrādātie projekti tiks izstādīti kā biennāles izstādes daļa.

Šīgada darbnīcu tēmas sakrīt ar biennāles apakštēmām: kolektīvs (collective), kopiena (community), apmaiņa (reciprocity), patvērums (refuge), skvots (squat).

Dalības maksa — 675 eiro plus reģistrācijas maksa 75 eiro. Maksā iekļauta dzīvošana, ēdināšana, ekskursijas, lekcijas, transports. Dzīvošana viesnīcā vēl papildus 350 eiro.


AA vasaras skola – pieteikšanās līdz 26.jūnijam

Applicants are advised to contact the school as soon as possible. Places will only be reserved on receipt of a deposit of £300 (non-refundable), and before registration the AA will require a CV or school reference plus a 6.5 IELTS English Language Examination certificate or the equivalent qualification. 26 June is the official application deadline, however, late applications will be considered. The balance of the fee of £1145 (plus £50 Visiting Student Membership Fee) to be paid in full before Friday 3rd July. This does not include accommodation but assistance will be given to find suitable arrangements.

Summer School 2009
13 July to 31 July 2009
Fees £1445 with a £50 Visiting Student Membership. The three week full-time AA Summer Architecture School offers an exciting approach to architectural design for anyone interested in exploring architecture as a profession or as an extended field of research.The AA Summer Architecture School presents a challenging programme of design studios, field study, seminars and lectures, emphasizing the importance of both practice and theory in contemporary architecture. A number of design studios, modelled after the AA unit system, will offer diverse project briefs related to the theme of the Summer School.In the studio setting ,work will be encouraged on an individual and group basis, with tutors giving special attention to each student in the knowledge that everyone will bring something unique to the quality and character of the Summer School. Based in London, the studios creatively utilize the City surroundings as its focus of research, innovation and new methodologies. Tutors, lecturers and critics include past and present AA unit masters as well as multi-disciplinary professionals pooled from London and beyond.
An AA Summer School certificate will be awarded upon completion of the programme.
Transfer of credits is not available for this 3 week course.

Is the age of bigness over as the world scales back its architectural and urban ambitions? After years of what seemed like incessant growth taking place from Bahrain to Bangalore, a radical slowdown sets a new pace of activity. This year’s AA Summer Architecture School-MINICITY-turns its attention to a reinvigorated examination of the micro and the modest: diminutive buildings, tiny projects and mini-inserts in small spaces. Can the city be understood as the aggregation of miniature moments instead of the heroic account that highlights gigantic iconic projects? While human achievement in the 20th century seemed to privilege the intergalactic (remember the space-race?), the 21st century places its great hopes in the ‘nano-‘, whether it is increasingly powerful microprocessors or urgent housing needs for disaster victims around the world. Big isn’t necessarily always the biggest idea.
As ever, the Summer Architecture School will examine the issue from a number of compelling perspectives: social, economic, ecological, cultural and technological. It will employ London as an experimental laboratory of ideas and actions. Individual and collective discoveries are encouraged as well as innovative, evocative proposals. The brief, intense course-based on the renowned AA Unit System-emphasises techniques of interpretation, recording, drawing, making and thinking through diverse media types, both analogue and digital.

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